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August 18, 2012
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It had taken a few weeks to plan out what Prussia had called “Plan Awesome”. But since both he and his brother were going to be gone Prussia had to call in an old friend to watch _____. Said old friend was in the kitchen talking to Prussia. “Lisbet, be gentle with her… certain things could set her off, make her remember what she ran from. Thank you for this. ”

Lisbet nodded “I’ll be careful, and I owe you anyway.” She smiled lightly.

Just then Germany walked into the kitchen and gave a slight nod to Lisbet who nodded back.

“Hey west can you get ____ up, she should meet Lisbet and know we’re going to be gone.” Prussia said to the germen.

He merely nodded and wet upstairs.

*Your point of view*

“Daddy~” I giggled as my father picked me up after he walked in the door.

“Hello Princess! How are you?”

“Great now that you are here!” He hugged you close and his (e/c) eyes filled with joy.

The scan shifted and Daddy was sitting at the couch and he looked mad.

“Daddy?”  I asked quietly as I timidly walked up to him.


The pain spread across my cheek, my vision blurred as tears filled my eyes. I saw his hand move back to his side after he slapped me.

“It’s all your fault you little brat!” He spat at me.

“What di-“


His hand made contact again, this time the tears spilled from my eyes.

“I wouldn’t have lost my job if it wasn’t for you! From now on call me father not daddy.” He took a gulp from his whiskey, and he looked at me from over the top of his glass with hate filled eyes.

“____. ____.” I heard someone call to me.

Suddenly I was pulled from my dream, and into strong caring arms that held my little trembling form, I felt them slowly rock me.

“____? Was it a bad dream?” I heard that rough, yet kind voice fill my ears. All I could do was nod in response.

“I-it was of m-my f-father.” I felt the tears fall from my eyes, and then I cried into the kind man’s shoulder.

*Third person POV*

The small girl told the German of her dream, and he felt his blood boil “How can someone live with themselves after doing something like that?” He thought as he comforted the child in his arms, who cried a few more minutes. “_____ there is someone downstairs you should meet before my brother and I leave.” The small girl nodded and grabbed the small yellow bird plushy that her Onkel gave her a few days ago that looked like the little bird that was her best friend. The German wrapped a little blanket around her pink and white polka-dot nightgown and picked her up and carried her downstairs.

The two made their way downstairs and they heard voices from the kitchen, suddenly the two voices laughed as the German and the girl came into the kitchen. “So then west goes-. Oh hi west and Awesome Jr.” Prussia said as he took the girl from his brother and hugged her; the small girl looked at the source of the other voice.

The woman standing in the kitchen smiled at her, she had pale lavender eyes that looked happy but when she smiled, the smile didn’t quiet reach her eyes. She had pale skin with a scare that went from the bridge of her nose to the middle of her right cheek, and long pale light blond hair that went to the middle of her back. She looked like she had quite a history but still had something in her life that kept her going.

____ smiled back. “Who are you?” She asked with tired eyes.

“Lisbet.” She replied, ____ held her arms out to her, silently asking to be held by her. Prussia handed her to Lisbet, who lightly hugged her.

“She’ll be watching you while we are gone. We should be back soon, and you behave.” Germany said as the two men walked to the door. ___ looked at Lisbet, asking her to put her down. As soon as she was out of the hold she ran to the door the two men were just about to walk out of.

“Promise you’ll be back.” She looked up at the two, and both there harts melted. Seeing her standing there in her nightgown*, little bunny slippers**, holding the plushy***, and the blanket wrapped around her.

“We promise, and here,” Prussia said as he took Gilbird from his hair and put him on her head. “Watch him for me Awesome Jr.” The little bird got comfortable in his new seat, and the small girl gave a small nod and smiled. Prussia stood up looked at Lisbet and nodded, and went to the car. Germany crouched down and pulled her into a hug.

“We’ll be back soon ___, I promise.” He stood up and went out to the car. Lisbet picked up and hugged the small girl and waved to the two in the car until they could no longer be seen. Then the front door was closed, and ___ burst into tears. Lisbet sighed and held the girl close and went upstairs to her room. She sat down on the girl’s bed and gently rocked her until her crying slowed down to hiccupping. She laid her down in her bed and Gilbird moved next to ____’s head and slept.

Lisbet tucked her in and smiled; when she got up to leave she heard a small voice call out. “Don’t go, it’s dark in here.”

Lisbet smiled a bit. “Alright I’ll stay; I’ll open the windows curtains too.” She left the bedroom door closed and went to the window and pulled back the curtains, letting moonlight flood the room. She then pulled a chair next to the bed and smiled at ___.

“Can you sing me to sleep?” The small girl asked quietly, her (e/c) eyes pleading.

Lisbet smiled and nodded. “Sure, let me think of one...”

“Ah I know one.

Dæbbe, dæbbe dua

Mor di var ei frua.

Far din var ein herremann

Bror din var ein spellemann

Spelle ikkje for lengge.

Strengan koste pænge,

Pængan nedi skrinet

Skrinet nedi kista.

Kista uti Amsterdam i Holland.”

When Lisbet had finished the song ____ was asleep. Lisbet smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep in the chair.

*with Prussia and Germany*

“Okay so you remember what to do?”

“Ja, let’s get started.” The two got out of the car up the road from ___’s old house and Prussia leaned against his brother and faced a hobble. They would fake that there car crashed and they needed to use a phone. They used some makeup (It was an awkward conversation between Hungry and Prussia) and they looked convincing enough. When they made it to the front door, Germany knocked on the door and waited. The door opened to revile a man with (e/c) eyes. “This will be harder than I thought.” Germany thought.

Okay sorry that took so long to post. I feel bad cus the chapter sucked

1: Lisbet is my Crack OC and I can't draw to save my life so use your imagination.

2: the lullaby is in Norwegian


And sadly I own nothing but the story line


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