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July 7, 2012
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***Gilberts pov***
*oh god what did I do!! I know it's been awhile sense west was a little kind, but I thought I picked her up fine!* "Um... west please don't kill me! It would be so not awesome to do that." I said over ____ crying, and I was not going to put her down, she was the only thing protecting me from west. Glancing at him I prayed I would not die in a completely unawesome kitchen.
"Put ___ down right now." I looked at the little girl I was holding and back at mine bruder, he looked pretty ticked and I figured if I put her down I might be able to run before I get hurt.
So I put her down in a chair and looked at her, now I noticed the bruises and her wrapped arm. But before I could ask a question, west moved closer with a pulled back fist, I put my arms up in defense over my face and waited for the blow, but it never came.
Peering out from my hands I saw ___ standing on the chair between west and myself.
"Don't hurt him! It's not his fault, my 'father' made me cry." She told him, and he lowered his hand and his face softened a bit, he then picked her up gently, hugged her. *I owe her big time for that.* "Good thing ____ likes you Gilbert. Now let's eat" Germany said.

**time skip to right after breakfast, by the way I stole some of your breakfast.**
***third person pov time!***

After everyone calmed down and ate breakfast, Gilbert (the awesome), Germany and ____ cleaned up the dishes, well ___ sat there playing with gilbird. Then Prussia asked ____ if she would play in the living room for a little bit, she agreed and went to play with gildird in the living room.
"Where, when, how." Was all Prussia said to his brother in a serious voice.
"She ran to the front door last night, and she looked worse then she dose now. She was running from her so called father who had abused her and her mother. I took her in, got her father to leave her alone for awhile, and cleaned up her cuts and bandaged her arm."
"One man did all that damage to her?"
"Ja, it's horrible."
Prussia sighed and thought for a moment. "If her mother is still trapped with that man, we need to get her out."
Both men looked at the little girl sitting in the living room petting gilbird, her eyes looked full of spirit and energy, but with an underlaying sadness.
"We should get her mother out of there." Germany agreed with his brother. "But if things get violent we don't tell her about it."
"Alright, she has been through a lot. It's a three man job though, so I'll plan it out, in the most awesome way possible!" With that Prussia disappeared into his basement to begin planing.
Germany sighed and looked and the little girl. " Ich werde dich beschützen ___."
He walked over to the little girl, who turned and wrapped her arms around his leg and said "Thank you for everything Vati."
Short I know, but the next part will be long. But also violent, so I will be putting a warning on it.
Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes.

Ich werde dich beschützen~~~~ I will protect you

I got moved in for the most part, and I can't sleep for whatever reason, so I posted this. I don't know when the next part will be posted.


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